Ep 132 – Lifestyle Marketing with Eric Gaddy

More and more, we see people promoting the concept of work-life balance. If you’re ready to offer your clients the opportunity to retire early and get on living, you’ll love our next/returning guest Eric Gaddy!

As the author and owner of Retire Early, Eric is an expert in getting your financial house in order so that you can live life outside the office. Today with our host, Matt Halloran, Eric will discuss how financial professionals can use the retire early lifestyle to market and prospect for clients.

If you’re considering early retirement or are simply ready to offer your clients more living, be sure to listen in today!

And if you missed Eric’s original podcast, you can find it HERE!

Links: Eric Gaddy LinkedIn | “Retire Early – What are you waiting for?”- The Book | How To Retire Early Website | Retire Early Resources

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