Designing Your Brand’s Emotional Impact With Josh Passler (Ep. 467)

Financial advisors offer many of the same products and services. So what sets one apart from another?

In this episode, Matt Halloran chats with Josh Passler, also known as The Fin Artist. Josh has a unique story, having transitioned from being an advisor himself to becoming a sought-after branding and design expert in the industry. Now he’s sharing his talents to uncover how your audience’s brain processes a really good brand — and why that should matter to growth-minded advisors. Plus, he unpacks how to design a brand that brings out your unique you-ness. 

Matt and Josh discuss:

  • How to handle a bad branding idea
  • The difference between a refresh and a rebrand
  • The importance of identifying your “north star”
  • Resources for self-discovery, such as books by Sally Hogshead, to help advisors better understand their brand’s essence
  • And more

With brands, you feel that emotional connection. And that’s really what a brand is. A brand isn’t just a logo that you see on a billboard, right? It’s the feeling that you get when you actually see it. That’s the brand, that’s the meaning behind the brand.” ~Josh Passler


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About Our Guest:

While working in a DBA alongside other financial advisors, Josh Passler took charge of designing business cards, brand guidelines, client illustrations, and all other creative aspects. He initiated the creation of art pieces tailored for financial planners active on Twitter, driven by a vision to craft educational content for advisors seeking to simplify client education. From these beginnings, FinArt emerged.

During its inaugural year, FinArt undertook the task of crafting a brand identity for a nascent financial planning firm, an endeavor that sparked immediate enthusiasm. Over the subsequent two years, FinArt has undergone evolution, with its primary emphasis shifting towards brand identity.

Josh Passler and FinArt are dedicated to delivering top-tier, uniform design solutions across all facets of your business.

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