Death by Referrals With Kirk Lowe, Part 1 (Ep. 431)

Referrals are the lifeblood of new business and organic growth. But can it ever be too much of a good thing? Absolutely. 

In fact, referrals can quickly become a curse if you’re not careful. You can drown in a sea of less-than-ideal referees while believing that you’re building your business. Too many people are unaware of that disconnect. It’s truly quality over quantity. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by his business partner and ProudMouth co-founder, Kirk Lowe, to discuss the right and wrong way to generate and use referrals in your advisory practice. They break down the difference between coming from a place of value versus a place of selling, and demonstrate the significance of building and sharing your influence, which creates an environment that allows your system to thrive.  

Matt & Kirk discuss:

  • What exactly is influence? 
  • How the quality of your referrals has just as much to do with the environment as it does the system you’ve created
  • Why too many skeptics and too few fans can destroy a business
  • Robert Cialdini’s seven principles of influence, and how they relate to growth 
  • The 4 As as the outcomes of influence and the foundation for a winning environment 
  • And more

And if you don’t create the environment that I just talked about, you just running your business off of referrals is going to kill your business.

It’s not real organic growth. It’s not repeatable, and most importantly, it’s going to decrease the value of your business if you ever want to sell it.” ~Matt Halloran


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About Kirk Lowe:

After decades spent helping build and market successful financial services brands, Kirk recognized the increasing role and importance of influence in the rapidly expanding Expertise Economy. Successful financial advisors harnessing the power of podcasting, video, social media and progressively building their influence were attracting clients rather than having to chase them.

Kirk’s ‘ah-ha’ moment—that influence is essential for professional experts—led to his co-founding of ProudMouth, an influence accelerator dedicated entirely to liberating financial experts and advisors from the tyranny of sales by giving them the means and methods to become recognized, in-demand authorities.

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