Building a More Inclusive Financial Services Industry With Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 457)

We know that inclusion, equity, and diversity are important. But why? 

Why do diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matter in financial services? And how can we make this industry a more welcoming space for women and people of color?

In honor of Women’s History Month, Matt Halloran speaks with Sheryl Hickerson — founder of Females and Finance — to answer these defining questions. They explore why representation is crucial, how we can better assist underserved communities, and the benefits diversity offers the profession as a whole.

Plus, you’ll get actionable tips on how to be part of the solution.

Matt and Sheryl discuss:

  • The importance of role models and representation
  • Strategies for serving diverse communities
  • How diversity strengthens the financial services industry
  • The 100,000 goal and Females & Finance Fearless Pledge
  • Practical ways to get started
  • And more

Have I brought three people into financial services, held onto them for seven plus years? That’s just to keep homeostasis. That’s actually not even growth. That is just to keep what we have today.” ~Sheryl Hickerson


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About Our Guest:

An award-winning, international speaker on social media and community-building strategies for financial services organizations, Sheryl Hickerson founded Females and Finance, a private community network dedicated to supporting women and male allies in financial services and financial technology. Their industry rally cry called The Fearless Pledge, was introduced in 2022 to support the hiring, mentoring, training, and advancement of 100,000 women.

Membership today is more than 4,600 professionals with no signs of letting up. After 30 years in financial services, Sheryl has dedicated her professional life to promoting better business and diversity initiatives within the Financial Services community.

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