A Wake-Up Call for Advisors in a Post-Pandemic, Bear Market World With Sean Brown (Ep. 429)

Are you still doing the same thing with your clients that you’ve been doing for the past decade? Have you noticed an uptick in client churn?

That’s not a coincidence. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Sean Brown, president and CEO at YCharts, to discuss the changing dynamic between financial advisors and clients, the catalysts for that shift, and what you can do to stop the leak. Sean shares his thoughts on best practices and how to build an out-of-this-world CRM to drive what he calls “mass customized configuration of communication”.

Plus, he finds a way to meaningfully include Geoffrey Chaucer and Jerry Maguire in the same episode!

Sean discusses:

  • How the pandemic and end of the 11+ year bull market impacted advisor-client relationships
  • The three consequences of poor communication
  • The results from YChart’s survey of nearly 700 advised individuals
  • How ad hoc and cadenced communication are the way forward
  • Why it’s important to share useful information with clients…even if they’re not reading it
  • How YCharts makes it quick and easy 
  • And more


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About Sean Brown:

Sean Brown is the CEO and President of YCharts, an investment research platform that enables smarter investments, better client communications, and focuses on helping advisors deliver more value to their own clients. Sean’s passionate about providing advisors with quick access to investment data and modern tools that help them derive and share insights. Additionally, he believes that advisors require outstanding human support to ensure their success. In his nearly 30-year career, Sean’s focus has been on financial services and software, he’s been an executive at several startups, private equity-backed firms, and public companies. A Notre Dame and Stanford University graduate, Sean is a proud father and husband, an avid reader, and a college football and Chicago Cubs fan.

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