3 Ways To Prevent Podfade (Ep. 470)

Many advisors start strong with their marketing but then struggle to keep the momentum going.

With podcasting, it starts with missing one episode. Then, a couple more. Finally, the podcast comes to a complete standstill — aka podfade.

The good news is that podfade is preventable! Listen as Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe share three proven ways to keep your podcast releasing consistently. A lot of their insights can also be applied directly to other areas of your content marketing, so you can successfully build momentum and authority.

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • Key lessons from having produced 7500+ podcast episodes to date
  • How to set effective podcast goals from the get-go (with examples)
  • Topics for your first 12 episodes
  • Strategies to avoid burnout for both yourself and your marketing team
  • How to leverage our new ProudMouth PodBlast Collection to conquer podfade
  • And more

“When you stop releasing episodes without any warning to your audience, it’s like starting all over again. It’s a hit to your credibility.” ~ Kirk Lowe

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