Kirk Lowe

Kirk Lowe

After decades spent helping build and market successful financial services brands, Kirk recognized the increasing role and importance of influence in the rapidly expanding Expertise Economy. Successful financial advisors harnessing the power of podcasting, video, social media and progressively building their influence were attracting clients rather than having to chase them.

Kirk’s ‘ah-ha’ moment—that influence is essential for professional experts—led to his co-founding of ProudMouth, an influence accelerator dedicated entirely to liberating financial experts and advisors from the tyranny of sales by giving them the means and methods to become recognized, in-demand authorities.

Co-Host of the TAM Podcast
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Founder of PodRocket Academy
Founder of ProudMouth


"No two people have had a bigger impact on my marketing strategy over the past 5 years than Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran of ProudMouth. Any program they roll out is best-in-class."

"Kirk has been a huge encouragement in sharing all that I know, for free, with my audience. I’ve learned so much from his podcasts, and whitepapers, and from working personally with Kirk and his team. I’m a better brander and marketer because of his ideas. ~ Jeremy Keil"

"Kirk helped me understand that emotional energy motivates someone to move a 'good idea' learned from an influencer into a conversation with someone else. Merging intellectual connections with energized discussion achieves the highest influence."

"When it comes to building credibility and growing your influence in the ever-changing digital world, ProudMouth Founder Kirk Lowe has got it. I’ve watched in awe as he and Matt have built the ProudMouth brand from the ground up. The move to take the day-to-day skills they've developed for advisors and put them in an easy-to-access place will revolutionize the FA space. Marketing tools are now a click away. That’s all thanks to Kirk’s ability to see past what’s available, dream of what could be possible, and then make it happen."

Matt is an extraordinary person. As a coach, he helps people see the opportunities that lie ahead but also he pushes them to create their own opportunities. As a friend, he is genuine, reliable and funny. Matt has so much energy and enthusiasm that he should bottle the stuff. Combine that with his total commitment to achievement and you have a recipe for success.

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