Meet Your Pod Squad: Disha Melwani

Welcome to another edition of Meet Your Pod Squad! 

Today, we’re talking to Disha Melwani, an account manager at ProudMouth. If you start a podcast with us, there’s a good chance you will work closely with Disha, if not one of our other outstanding account managers. 

Along with helping onboard new clients, Disha reviews client files and podcast episodes to make sure our clients are on track and that they’re getting high quality content to help promote their podcast. 

Let’s get to know Disha…

(Listen to Disha’s interview with our CRO, Matt Halloran, or keep reading!)



Describe a day in your life as an account manager or social media assistant at ProudMouth

I’m transitioning into an account manager role here at ProudMouth! 

However, an account manager and social media assistant’s day is very fast-paced and dynamic. 

Usually, my mornings are very busy, I start by finishing pending tasks (if any) and then, I begin my day completing shorter tasks, and if I don’t have any, I work on my marketing or client video editing, scheduling, copywriting, sending emails to clients, etc. 

Then, after the lunch hours, my day starts slowing down a bit. I take this time to learn more AM tasks and work on client podcast episodes. This consists of listening to them, and then, creating fun and exclusive content for their social media platforms. After that, and if I have some time left, I get ahead with tasks for the next day!


What do you enjoy about working at ProudMouth?

I truly value my team at ProudMouth. Everyone is friendly, extremely helpful, and super talented. Thus, I always feel like everyone in my team cares and values each other. We at ProudMouth, make sure to help, support, and understand team members and clients. And that is what makes our firm SO great! 


What’s on your desk right now?

That’s such a good question. Okay, wow. My desk is a bright and comfortable space where I have my laptop, a bottle of water, snacks (here and there), hand sanitizer, my glasses and its case, a note pad, many colorful pens and highlighters, earbuds, and my phone, of course. ☺


What’s a digital tool that you use every day? Why/What do you use it for? 

Technology-wise, I would say my phone and laptop are a must. However, within those, Google Docs, social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Headliner, Descript, iMovie, and Grammarly make my life WAY easier. 


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your work? 

I think one thing that people tend to notice (this is from college, university, and my overall work experience) is that I’m super detail-oriented, and I will do my best to help out. 

However, not a long time ago, I was told: “I really like how you always step up and share knowledge freely,” as a compliment. And, to be honest, this might stay with me forever because this is one of ProudMouth’s top values.


Do you have a hidden (or strange) talent? What is it?

I’m a super organized multi-tasker and a pro at time management, who doesn’t necessarily need a 100% quiet place to work. 


What advice do you have for an industry expert who’s thinking about starting a podcast, but is scared out of their mind?

I truly believe that we all have something to share:  Something that makes us unique and different. 

As such, my advice to an industry expert thinking about starting a podcast is to be themselves and to speak about something they’re passionate about and expert in. 

We, at ProudMouth, have clients that speak about all things financial to even life experiences ; so there you have it, you can speak about anything. Just try to sound professional and knowledgeable –– that way you will gain more credibility with your listeners.


In your approach to writing social media posts, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of the inspiration comes from whatever I’m using to create social media posts. It could be blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. It’s easy to draw from them to write because most of them are conversations. 

Other than that, I make sure to write the way I speak. I use easy and “trendy” vocabulary so that it’s catchy (and conversational) for our clients’ audiences. 


What is one piece of advice for writing an irresistibly click-worthy post?

Besides being conversational and writing the way you speak, I would say to write posts that are about you sharing something. It could be an experience, your story, a fun fact, etc.

I find that when people share something about them (or about someone they know) their audience gets interested…probably because they can relate.


What would you say to encourage an industry expert who wants to post on social media but has no idea what to post about? And/or who doesn’t know how to find the time to post regularly?

Everyone has something to share. Share something you are an expert in. And if you are a social media beginner, keep the design simple and post once or twice a week on your personal social media accounts. From there, you will start to build up confidence and probably feel encouraged (from people engaging with your posts) to start a new account that’s all about YOU providing value to your audience with your expertise.



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