How To Step Up & Serve During and After COVID-19 Part 3 of 3

It’s a crazy time in the history of the world. A health and economic crisis for the ages. 

Your marketing will have to change, this time faster than most of you would like. Marketing has evolved but the time you have to embrace just evaporated. 

Let me explain. 

  1. Seminars have been increasingly difficult on growth and budgets. How many people will be lined up to greet you and others in the coming year? 2 years? 
  2. Networking events including conferences and breakfast meetings will stop. Who knows when and how they will resume. 
  3. Meeting clients and prospects face-to-face will continue to change as virtual meeting will be a preferred method going forward. 
  4. The way you stayed top of mind with your COI’s will evolve too. People will be less inclined to stop by with treats or just to say hi, at least not for a while. 

Why do you do any of these things?

You have planned to conduct seminars, attend events, and connect with people face-to-face so you can expand your network, start new relationships, establish credibility, and hopefully inspire advocacy or engagement. 

Marketing is about to change drastically. Are you prepared?

If you don’t already know it, you compete in the Expertise Economy. People expect you to share your expertise generously, and on their terms. This is just a simple fact. 

One of the hottest new marketing strategies to market yourself in the expertise economy is the Micro-Influencer Strategy.  

A Micro-Influencer is an advisor who owns a specific expertise, with a specific audience, in a specific region. 

We developed the micro-influencer approach. That is why our micro-influencer program is a perfect tool to put in place now, to continue your marketing, education and client acquisition. 

For many years several marketing tactics have dominated the ROI conversation; seminars, mailouts, referral programs, cold-calling or lead buying. Tactics that didn’t make measuring easy got overlooked, such as thought leadership, blogging, social media, video and podcasting. The micro-influencer approach is proving to be the best method of attracting, engaging, and building ideal relationships for mid-to long-term success. In fact what it does best is scale your credibility

Consider this as you prepare for a new marketing reality – scaling your credibility. 

Take the money you have allocated to all of the in person marketing strategies and re-allocate it to a strategy that will have long term results. For a third of the cost of a seminar/workshop, you can begin your Micro-Influencer Strategy. Begin creating momentum and begin taking control of how to market in the expertise economy. 

#RiseAboveTheNoise, #BeYourOwnLoud

You now know you need to reduce costs and increase your ability to attract, develop, and nurture relationships with ideal clients, in the medium they prefer – while they are there.  

Over the last two years, we have developed and tested this proven solution. 

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To your health and continued success,
The Team at Top Advisor Marketing

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