Financial Advisor Marketing on a Budget

Most advisors I’ve met struggle with marketing. We’re at a particularly tumultuous time on the financial services industry. There are incredible demands being placed on advisors including compliance, fee transparency, more solutions than ever, constantly changing tax and legal, increasing economic and market uncertainty, and a changes in  business models and regulations.

In this sea of change, there are a couple of constants: the goals and challenges most advisors (IARs, RIAs, Agents) face.

Challenges include:

  • lack of time
  • lack of budget
  • lack of previous results
  • lack of expertise
  • no system
  • no strategy
  • no more room for trial-and-error marketing

Within these challenges, the Goals continue to include:

  • more ideal prospects with minimized effort and expense
  • enhanced professional credibility
  • clearer value proposition (brand message)
  • clear marketing plan and repeatable outcomes
  • more and better referrals from existing clients and COIs

Sound familiar?

In the following video, I run through a $1,000 advisor marketing plan – advisor marketing on a budget. I also reflect on the tactics needed to move your marketing plan and budget beyond that.

In this video you’ll learn about:

  • our proven four step advisor marketing blueprint
  • tactics advisors can leverage for less than $1,000 / year
  • simple marketing activities that create marketing synergy
  • what “different” and “better” mean to your marketing success
  • why “quality” trumps “quantity”
  • how you can build off your $1,000 plan to create more marketing momentum
  • how to attract ideal prospects to your website
  • how to convert ideal prospects into ideal clients and advocates
  • how to inspire way more referrals then ever before

If any of these strategies, tactics or benefits aren’t clear, call me at 877.260.5710. I’ll answer your questions.

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