7 Expenses a Good Brand Negates

First: Some Background

People refer for two reasons; 1) to be helpful, and 2) to look good.

A good brand makes your clients and COIs look great.

A compelling advisor brand positions you as different, better and relevant.

With simple marketing your brand will inspire an abundance of referrals.

When you’re easy to refer, referrals happen frequently – without having to ask.

A good brand inspires referrals.

Referrals account for 75-90% of a professional advisor’s revenue.

Mature practices should expect 100 – 400% growth in referrals once they enhance their brand.


SEVEN Expenses a Good Brand Negates

When you have a good financial advisor brand you won’t need to be good at, or spend money on, these 7 things.

  1. Referral Program
  2. Referral Coach
  3. Cold-Calling or Telemarketing
  4. Sales Coaching on “How to Overcome Objections”
  5. PR Consultant (although this one wouldn’t hurt)
  6. Prospecting Coach
  7. Online or Print Advertising

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