10 TIPS: Financial Podcast Etiquette

If you don’t already know, financial podcasting is on an upwards trend. As an experienced financial marketer, I think this one makes perfect sense for financial advisors. 

Financial Podcast Etiquette

Here are TEN tips to help you nail your financial podcast.

  1. Stand, don’t sit when recording. This way mics won’t get the sounds of a chair moving or your hands resting on your desk.  If you make a mistake while speaking, stop, wait1-3 seconds then start over.
  2. Keep your hands and feet away from the mic stand.  Bumping the stand makes a lot of noise and is hard to edit out.
  3. Keep a glass of warm water nearby. If you need a drink, just pause, drink, pause then start again at the beginning of the sentence.
  4. If you need to clear your throat (sneeze, cough etc.), pause, clear your throat, pause, then start again.
  5. Give pauses between chunks of sentences so we have plenty of space to edit. We can do some pretty amazing things with editing but we need space.
  6. Have an outline of the main talking points to cover in each 15-minute segment before you begin each podcast.
  7. Review those talking points and practice a few of them to get warmed up.
  8. We never want to start a podcast cold. We want to have your brain working with your voice before we ever start to record.
  9. The most important thing is to have fun. Low energy is painfully obvious to an audience. Don’t be bored.
  10. There needs to be a call to action. You can ask them to go to your website, stop by your office, or call to make an appointment.  Your host will close the podcast with one you’ve agreed on.

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