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Do you want higher retention rates and gains in wallet share during your transition?

Communication is the answer.

Many advisors experience stress and anxiety when they transition. Their greatest fear is clients and COIs not understanding their why, what, and how. Communication inspires understanding, respect and confidence…all of which increase retention and share of wallet. 

If you want to optimize your transition success, consider scaling your communication surrounding your big transition.

I've partnered with ProudMouth to produce a five episode podcast series for you specifically addressing your why, what and how.


Transition Podcast Series


What Our Influencers Are Saying


You walk to the mic, record your podcast, drop the mic, and we do everything else coach you, provide equipment co-host, edited audio, transcript, summary, and more. You get the rock-star treatment


You know too well that it’s never “build it and they will come” We proactively share your podcast and multi-media snippets through numerous communities, methods, and platforms to scale awareness and credibility.


We’ve reverse engineered what the biggest influencers do. We start with multiplying your podcast into snippets, identifying key talking points, and turning them into shareable multi-media snippets


We go beyond the audience you can reach organically by boosting your multi-media snippets and creating more hype and traffic. Were constantly refining what works for you, and your audience.


Why Podcasts?

An inherently intimate medium, podcasts foster relationship-building in a way that no other medium can compare to. When you have a podcast, your ideal prospects can plug into your expertise 24/7, and they can do it hands-free. Podcasts give you an unmatched opportunity to speak to your prospects at their busiest moments: while driving, cleaning, cooking, exercising, and the list goes on. You’re giving them complete access to your expertise and on their own terms, rather than interrupting them or demanding their undivided attention. 

What podcasting gives experts: 

1) Instant, deep credibility that resonates with your ideal prospects

2) Top-of-mind awareness without interrupting your prospects

3) More referrals from clients, prospects, and centers-of-Influence 

4) Significantly increases your search engine results with original content 

5) Expansion of your digital network, even while you sleep

6) Enhanced focus on what you do best and how you create value 

7) Attracts clients who you enjoy working with most 

8) Positions you as the trusted expert 

9) Significantly increases the synergy of your marketing to enhance your ROE (return on effort)  10) It’s fun.

Here’s a great article on the power of podcasting.

Why use the Transition Podcast Series?

Our Transition Podcast Series is a series of educational episodes that take listeners on a quick journey. 

This works best when you have a:

  • new service
  • business transition
  • new vertical market
  • new book
Can anyone use the system?

Our focus is on helping experts by freeing them from the torment of sales and having to chase prospects. “Experts” can be anyone or any company that has expertise in what they do/make, how they do it, and what problems it solves for their audience. So yes, any professional or business can use our system.

How much of my time do you need?

~1-2 hours/episode, which includes the time you will spend recording your podcasts and reviewing the social media posts that we create for you. 

You save 20+ hours of work per episode, which our team takes off your plate to implement the system on your behalf. This includes expertise across 7+ unique skill sets.

40+ hours and 11 skill sets per episode if you hire us to promote!

Is it just for advisors?

We serve all types of experts and companies. Any individual or firm who has expertise in what they do/make, how they do it, and what problems it solves for their audience.