What You Get: Influencer Starter-Series



  • 5 professionally recorded, produced and edited episodes
  • Professional co-host to guide conversation (if needed)
  • Podcast best practices and etiquette guides
  • List of topics to choose from or podcast topics call


  • Podcast name
  • Podcast graphics
  • Podcast channel (first 6 months hosting included)


  • Podcast mic, boom arm, headphones plus accessories



We take each episode summary and turn the key phrases into a text motion video. This ends up acting like a 30 second commercial for each episode. The is not audio narration, just back ground music and images, plus the text flowing across video player.


We review each episode and transcript to find key concepts or talking points then extract the top three and turn into audio clips. 


We review each episode and transcript to find key quotes then extract top three and turn into a static quote meme.


We draft professionally written social media posts for each asset above. With 5 episodes which includes the following assets: 5 text motion videos, 15 audio clips, and 15 quotes memes, that totals 40 social posts, each with a unique social post that establishes the context of the asset.  

Your social media team/person can schedule these posts to go out as each episode is released or calendar as you wish. 

You now have an arsenal of authentic content (expertise) that will help you scale your credibility – the most important part of pursuing influence – being known as the subject matter authority. 

Jeremy Keil Outcomes

12 months into his Influence Accelerator System he has experienced the following outcomes:

  • Used podcast as persuasion and inspiration for referrals
  • After first 3 episodes, new prospect listened to podcast and said “that’s exactly what I want” and became client without JK having to “sell”
  • This client was a fan too, and immediately referred others, and guess what, they too became fans and referred quickly attracting $2.7 MM in AUM
  • Improved closing of leads from Smart Asset – JK is getting all the business – leads aren’t even meeting the other advisors
  • Multiple opportunities pending from those referrals and large companies JK has infiltrated thorough referrals
  • Made doing business during COVID much easier and successful

Also, Jeremy talks with Matt Halloran about his experience and outcomes implementing our Influence Acceleration System. It’s a great podcast as Jeremy shares his mindset on growing his financial practice. 

Gain access to our deep vault of resources to help you become a subject matter authority. Learn how to create and implement effective content marketing, click-worthy social media, your own podcast, and much more.