24. Live Life as an Optimist With Matt Halloran

Live life as an optimist, and you’ll start to see every day as a precious gift!

In this episode, your host Matt Halloran is on the other side of the mic! He’s interviewed by Steve Ody, host of The Travelling Optimist Podcast. Matt shares his exciting life journey: childhood lessons from his mother, his early passion for radio, his time in the U.S. Navy, and the origin of ProudMouth. But most importantly, he tells you how he faced the toughest times of his life with a smile.

Matt and Steve discuss:

  • How to get the energy and focus you need to keep moving forward
  • Every reason to trust the process and never lose hope
  • The abundance mindset: Why there’s a seat for every individual at the table of life
  • Little things that can make a big impact on your perspective on life
  • Why podcasting is the best medium for sharing your story
  • And more


Connect With Steve Ody:

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About Our Guest Host:

Steve Ody is the director of Citrus Travel and host of The Travelling Optimist Podcast. As an entrepreneur, Steve is deeply passionate about making a difference and building relationships for the long term. Being results-driven and customer-focused, he has a proven track record in developing and driving sales and marketing initiatives (off and online) in intensely competitive commercial environments. Steve is also a first-class communicator and an expert in developing and sustaining working relationships (internal and external) at senior levels across different sectors.

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