17. Tackle Challenges by Changing Your Perspective With Kelly Cardenas

When life gives you lemons, instead of focusing on how sour they are, try turning them into lemonade.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Kelly Cardenas, business owner, author, Forbes contributor, inspirational speaker, culture coach, and podcaster. Kelly believes that even though he wasn’t rich in money while growing up, he was rich in opportunities. Today, he shares how his optimistic attitude has helped him create unbelievable opportunities and overcome adversities.

Kelly discusses: 

  • How all great journeys start with a single step
  • Why you should always believe that you are perfectly, wonderfully made
  • Reasons to give your 100% at any particular moment instead of trying to find a “balance”
  • One magic word that will transform your perspective on life’s challenges
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Kelly Cardenas is a Forbes contributor, author, podcaster, founder-CEO of a national multi-million dollar brand, and a cultural efficiency coach. Kelly is the go-to when it comes to constructing a culture that will have sustained success in all aspects of your business. He believes that building an iconic brand, business, and empire is a simple process once we start to focus on what really matters. Kelly’s system zeros in on the heartbeat of any organization –– PEOPLE!

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