How To Build Your Own Brand To Have a Successful Advisory Business With Matt Reiner (Ep. 387)

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In business, people don’t buy brands. They buy the person and the expertise behind a brand. The question is, how do you start building relationships with your audience?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Matt Reiner, partner of Capital Investment Advisors. They discuss which marketing activities Matt Reiner is using to attract the right clients for the right reasons. He also shares his journey to building relationships, accelerating his influence, and growing his business.

Matt Halloran and Matt Reiner discuss:

  • Which marketing activity is having the greatest impact on Matt Reiner’s firm
  • How to build influence and connect with clients and prospects
  • Why podcasting is a huge opportunity to connect with your clients more effectively and efficiently
  • Different tools to keep your marketing consistent
  • Tips for advisors who want to start podcasting but are worried they “don’t have enough to say”


Connect With Matt Reiner

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About Our Guest:

Matt Reiner is both a CFA and CFP and a partner of Capital Investment Advisors, a $2.8 billion RIA in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Matt is the managing partner of Wela Strategies, an RIA that deals with the investment needs of the mass affluent. After spending years as both a financial manager for individuals and helping to lead these two RIAs, Matt founded Benjamin, an AI fintech company that serves the financial advisor industry. 

Matt is dedicated to helping the industry grow and evolve. He has a very simple goal in mind. He wants the wealth management industry – specifically the RIA vertical – to become one of the most innovative, forward-thinking industries on earth. Matt believes that with true innovation, RIAs will attract top-tier talent, create practices that are efficient and scalable, and offer higher-quality personal service to clients at all levels of wealth. Matt Reiner wants to help you become THE advisor of the future

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