How Advisors Can Leverage Podcasting to Connect, Educate, and Grow With Jane Mepham (Ep. 466)

Can anyone launch and leverage a podcast for business growth, influence, and authority? 

In this episode, host Matt Halloran welcomes Jane Mepham — founder of Elgon Financial Advisors — to discuss her unique journey into podcasting and her experience with the PodRocket Influence Academy. 

Jane shares how her co-hosted podcast, The International Money Café, evolved from her online collaboration with Manasa Nadig, focusing on cross-border taxes and finances for foreign-born families. Throughout the conversation, Jane shares insights into their podcasting experience, from initial challenges to ongoing improvements. She unpacks the benefits of the PodRocket Influence Academy, particularly the snappy, actionable courses that helped them navigate the technical aspects of podcasting and refine their content strategy.

Matt and Jane discuss:

  • The importance of nailing your niche
  • Where to find a long list of podcast topics
  • How to go from epiphany to planning to launch
  • Why changing your mindset about other advisors being the “competition” is beneficial to everyone
  • How the Academy served as both inspiration and educator
  • The difference-maker that is authenticity and sincerity 
  • And more

So we are building awareness and we are willing to be very patient based on what we see in the Academy. It’s going to be a while before we actually even get clients, but it’s been a great way for us to practice explaining the technical stuff that this group is actually facing.” ~ Jane Mepham


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About Our Guest:

Jane Mepham, a CFP® guide and founder of Elgon Financial Advisors in Austin, Texas, empathizes deeply with the challenges of moving to a new country. Despite her tech expertise, she knows the fear of financial and immigration uncertainties. Now, she aids foreign-born families and work visa holders in achieving their American dreams. Co-hosting “The International Money Café Podcast” with Manasa Nadig, she offers guidance on cross-border taxes and finances. Partnering with institutions like Harvard Business School, she assists international students with visa-related financial queries. A frequent financial media contributor, Jane enjoys family time in Austin and competing on the tennis court and trails.

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