32. Why There Will Never Be Another Expert Like You With Barbie the Welder

NOTE: This episode contains explicit language. Please be advised.

Since its release in March 2021, our podcast featuring Barbie the Welder has been one of our most-loved episodes!

So, today we’re bringing Barbie back in the spotlight –– especially for our new listeners!

In this episode, Matt joins Barbie the Welder, an American metal sculptor. They have a candid conversation about why Barbie’s devoted to teaching other welders to start their own empires. She also shares how her iconic persona came to be and how she’s built a cult brand with a loyal base of a quarter-million fans.

You will learn:

  • Why Barbie rebranded herself from “Wonderland Welding” to “Barbie the Welder” 
  • The importance of being vulnerable throughout your journey
  • How Barbie’s inviting her audience to participate in her cult-like brand
  • How to be 100% true to yourself when developing your brand
  • And more!


Connect With Barbie the Welder:

Connect With ProudMouth:

About Our Guest:

Barbie The Welder is an American metal sculptor, published author of 6 books, and advocate for the skilled trades from Erin, NY. Despite no business experience or professional art education, Barbie’s unique, self-taught style of creating sculptures quickly threw her into the spotlight on social media where she caught the eye of individuals and major corporations alike. To date, Barbie has designed and created sculptures for The American Welding Society, Miller Welders, Chicago Pneumatic, Harley Davidson, Carolina Shoe Company, and exclusive clients in 15 countries, inspiring and teaching thousands of people to weld art throughout her journey.


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