31. How To Achieve Goals You Thought Were Impossible With Robert Orion Sikes

Whether you’re starting a fitness routine or a business venture, you might feel like you’re trying to do the impossible!

In one of our most inspiring episodes to date, Matt Halloran talks to Robert Orion Sikes, a lifetime natural, competitive bodybuilder, founder of the Keto Brick, and host of the “Keto Savage Podcast.” Robert encourages you to believe in yourself, unlock your hidden potential, and achieve goals you thought were out of reach.

Robert discusses:

  • The secret to staying committed to your goals
  • Key strategic steps he used to turn his bodybuilding passion into a thriving business
  • How he used a keto diet to break the vicious cycle of disordered eating habits
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of consistency
  • Tips to improve your overall health and fitness
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Robert Orion Sikes is a lifetime natural, competitive bodybuilder. He started training as a junior in high school, weighing a whopping 115 pounds. After his third bodybuilding competition, Robert decided to try something new and began experimenting with a high fat, strict ketogenic approach to bodybuilding. The lessons he learned led to his creation of the Keto Brick, a 1,000 calorie, ketogenic performance meal. Robert’s mission is, and will continue to be, to empower others to believe in themselves and tap into their full potential by optimizing their body and mind.

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