Branding Your Podcast: Create, Innovate, Dominate

Branding Your Podcast: Create, Innovate, Dominate

Stand Out With an Unforgettable Podcast Brand

From concept to identity, Matt Halloran and Jessica Brown will share the insider techniques that have powered hundreds of unique podcast brands for advisors across North America.

Why attend?

✔️ Examine real podcasts to get a feel for what “pops,” why – and how to apply tried-and-true branding principles to your show.

✔️ Don't wait to start your branding process. We'll get ideas flowing during the webinar with questions and prompts!

✔️ Gain access to exclusive materials from our PodRocket Influence Academy to help you build a recognizable brand.

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Matt Halloran
ProudMouth Co-Founder and Influence Expert

An in-demand speaker, Matt Halloran has appeared on over 1,000 podcasts. He is the host of ProudMouth’s Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, where he and industry leaders empower advisors to become trusted, recognized authorities.

Jessica Brown
Marketing Editor & Coordinator

Jessica loves helping financial advisors engage with their online audience in meaningful ways. She believes that when financial advisors tell stories about their brands, their audience connects with them on a human level. Only then, advisors can use social media to build relationships.

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